Investment approach


Efficient management

RVC’s approach to investments, based on thorough selection of new funds, risks diversification and maximizing the number of co-investors, contributes to realizing the development potential of the Russian venture capital market

Key objectives
  • Select professional management companies and contribute to their development
  • Develop the market of institutional investors in venture capital funds
  • Maximize return on capital
Participation in funds
  • RVC adheres to the principles of diversification and risk control in terms of the number, stage, and focus of funds, as well as the mandatory presence of co-investors in each RVC-backed fund.
Geography and duration of investments
  • RVC investments in funds have to contribute to the development of the Russian economy
  • The average lifetime of a fund with the participation of RVC is 10 years, with the possibility of extension
RDIF expertise
  • RDIF participation in the management of RVC provides additional expertise both in the selection of new management companies and in the development of funds' specific projects
  • RDIF’ successful experience in attracting partners and co-investors will be helpful for RVC when investing in new funds